Sunday, March 29, 2009

TTM Autograph Collecting

I used to send cards to athletes through the mail to have them signed when I was a kid. I did some googling a couple months ago to see what kinds of information was out there and realized that people still do this. There's a whole TTM (through the mail) community. I joined a great site called that provides all the successes and failures of the community as well as address information. You can keep track of everyone's requests, not just your own. It's a great site.

I decided to start mailing out requests focusing mainly on older Hall of Famers and young prospects. I just started this blog today so I'll be posting successes from the last two months. I'll add the date to each success just in case that information is helpful to anyone. I'll eventually catch up and add requests if and when they come in.

I decided I'd start off by posting one that just came in last week. I'm very lucky to have received this request from George Kell because he passed away on Tuesday, March 24th. I received this in the mail on Thursday, March 19th. This may have been one of the last items he signed. I had read on that he was one of the best TTM signers out there so I decided to get something nice for him to sign. I purchased a 1952 Topps card on ebay and sent it off on Friday, March 6th.

RIP Mr. Kell.

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