Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Topps Baseball Packaging

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I spent time with family and ate a lot of good food. Santa didn't bring me any cards so I've had to get my fix reading card news online today.

The thing that got me most excited was the first look on the Beckett Blog at the 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball packaging. This is obviously a blaster box, but still gives us a look at the design and a small peek at the odds.

The odds that we're given are for the Diamond Giveaway code cards, 1 per blaster box.
If my memory serves, the odds may have been better in retail last year. I seem to recall pulling two code cards per blaster in 2010. The odds for Diamond Giveaway in hobby (1:6) and jumbo (1:1) remain the same as they were this year.

We can also see on the packaging that the manufactured commemorative patches are back and fall one per blaster box. I find that the patches sell very well in the first few weeks of release. It's nice to know that you can pay for your whole blaster if you hit a desirable patch.

The other thing to remember with Topps Series 1 is that there are usually hidden short printed cards. Last year it was Abe Lincoln hidden in a handful of Cubs cards. I wouldn't go selling sets or base cards until these short printed cards have been discovered. On the flip side, it would be a good time to buy up commons and complete sets before everyone figures out what those cards are.

I always get excited for the flagship Topps release. This year should be a blast considering it's the 60th year of Topps baseball cards. It really fills the void for me between the end of the NFL season and the start of spring training baseball.

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