Saturday, December 4, 2010

Topps Chrome Baseball Wrapper Redemption Mail Day!

I sure was happy to see these arrive in the mail today. I kept seeing results of breaks on all the bulletin boards and was starting to get impatient. I sent two cases worth of wrappers, so I received 24 packs.

Topps sends them in a large manila envelope with a smaller padded envelope inside that contains the packs. They're definitely packaged to prevent damage. The cards overall are in great shape. There are some flaws, but nothing major. The really nice thing about these cards is that they're flat! The chrome curl doesn't exist on these. The centering is nice for the most part as well.

24 packs should yield 4 complete sets, 2 green refractor packs and two other random packs. Well, that's exactly what I received. The bonus for me was that the two random packs both were the packs that contain Buster Posey. As you can see from the picture, I also received Buster Posey as one of my green refractors. I'm really happy with the results.

4 - Babe Ruth
4 - Lou Gehrig
4 - Jackie Robinson
4 - Ty Cobb
1 - Ty Cobb Green Refractor
6 - Mickey Mantle
1 - Mickey Mantle Green Refractor
6 - Buster Posey
1 - Buster Posey Green Refractor
6 - Ike Davis
1 - Ike Davis Green Refractor
4 - Stephen Strasburg
4 - Mike Stanton
4 - Jason Heyward
4 - Carlos Santana
4 - Mike Leake
1 - Mike Leake Green Refractor
4 - Austin Jackson
1 - Austin Jackson Green Refractor
4 - Tyler Colvin
4 - Starlin Castro

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