Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is Topps admitting their 2010 chrome baseball products are flawed?

If you recall, I posted a picture a couple weeks ago of damaged cards from my 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball retail box break. The front card on every pack was damaged with a vertical scratch. I opened over a case of these boxes and they were all the same. I mailed the key cards back to Topps for replacement. I was waiting to see how they came back before I sent the rest of the commons.

Well, the cards arrived yesterday and they were all in nice condition. Of course, they all had the chrome curl and centering issues that have plagued Topps chrome products this year. The positive is that they were free of surface scratching and bad edges. They replaced the exact cards that I sent back to them as I sent them in batches of 25 cards or less with an itemized list. If you send more than 25 cards they will replace them randomly.

The interesting thing about this was the letter that Topps sent with the cards, which you can read below. It's hard to tell from the scan but they highlighted "cards maintain the same errors." in the second paragraph. Essentially, Topps is admitting that the quality of their chrome cards this year is crap and sending in for a replacement doesn't necessarily mean you'll be getting a better condition card back. This is the first time I've received a letter like this with a replacement shipment. They usually include their form letter with the rules for the damaged card replacement program.

Do you interpret this the same way I do? I'm curious to see if anyone else has received the same letter from Topps and how their replacement experience went. Drop a comment below.


  1. Yeah man, it definitely sounds like they are owning up to their flawed product this year. At least they are working with their customers to correct it as best they can. I'll be breaking a box at Christmas and am anxious/scared to see what I find!

    PS-I love you blog, keep it up. Thanks.


  2. Thanks Eric. Glad that you enjoy my blog.

    Good luck with your upcoming break!

  3. Sounds to me like they have replaced so many that they only have flawed cards left to replace with.


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