Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 Philadelphia Football Preview

Upper Deck has posted a preview of their 2009 Philadelphia Football product and it looks sharp. The card pictured is a Matthew Stafford from the National Chicle insert set. That is one great looking card. I think it looks better than the base set card but those are really nice too.

Each box will contain one autograph and two memorabilia cards. Each case will contain 2-3 original Philadelphia buy-back cards. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very popular product. I know I'll be purchasing several boxes of this.

I do have one negative comment. Included as insert sets are The Story of Barack Obama, Woodstock 40th Anniversary, The Vietnam War and The Election Years. I really don't like this trend of adding historical and entertainment cards to sports sets. I don't want them. If I'm buying football cards, I want football cards. I'd much rather they put out an all history or all entertainment product.

Here are the specifics released by Upper Deck:

Regular Set:
• 1964 Philadelphia Base Set (300)
• The Story of Barack Obama (25)
• Woodstock 40th Anniversary (5)
• The Vietnam War (10)
• The Election Years (11)
• NFL Stars in Action (49)

Top Inserts:
• 1935 National Chicle
• 1935 5x7 National Chicle R311 (1 per box!)

Box Break: (on average)
– One (1) Autograph
– Two (2) Memorabilia Cards
– Fifteen (15) base set short prints
– One (1) 5x7 National Chicle R311
– Four (4) National Chicle Inserts

Case Break: (on average)
– One (1) 5x7 National Chicle R311 Autograph
– One (1) 1935 National Chicle Auto
– 2-3 Original Philadelphia Buybacks

Release Date: 7/8/09

Upper Deck Product Preview: http://sports.upperdeck.com/collectorszone/productpreview.aspx?aid=5643

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