Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Razor Selling Game Worn Team USA Jerseys

Up to this point Razor has been selling limited edition cards, autographed cards and printing plates on eBay. I just noticed tonight that they're selling game worn Team USA baseball jerseys.

I searched their completed auctions and they've sold seventeen in the last five days. Some are priced as low as $79 for a B. Dean (assuming that's Blake Dean) and as high as $1,999 for a Buster Posey. They do have the "Best Offer" feature turned on so you could always opt for that. It looks from the completed auctions that they have accepted a few best offers.

I'm sure that many of the players in these auctions will become stars one day. With many of these at $99 or below it would be well worth the risk to take a chance on one. I wish I had seen the Andrew McCutchen jersey before it sold for $169 with the "Best Offer" feature. I'm a Pirates fan and he's one of their most promising prospects. I would have loved to have had that in my collection. Too bad I didn't see it in time.

You can view Razor's auctions here.

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  1. that posey jersey was supposed to be a redemption in Razor letterman


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