Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update - 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates TTM Project

Well, today was another great mail day for my 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates TTM project. I got returns from Bob Friend, Hal Smith and Bennie Daniels. I sent the Friend and Smith requests on Saturday, May 2nd and got them back today. That's a total of five days. If you recall, my returns from Roy Face, Dick Schofield and Bob Skinner also came back in 5 days. The other return I received today was from Bennie Daniels. That request took a total of 10 days to come back.

This puts me up to seven of a possible twenty autographs from the 1960 Pirates team. I still have only sent a total of twelve cards out. I have a few more cards sitting on my desk that I still have to write letters for and mail out.

The cards that are still out there are George Witt, Gino Cimoli, Danny Kravitz, Don Gross and Roman Mejias.

I'm thrilled so far with the returns from the members of this team. You'd never see this from the modern players.

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  1. I'm loving this project you got going on here. Those '60 cards are fantastic, and the Pirates obviously had a great year in '60 as well.

    I've gotten one of my Reds signed... and have a few more coming down the line. They really look great autographed. of luck on the rest of the set :)


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