Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vin Scully TTM Success

Date sent: 2/21/09
Date returned: 5/14/09

When I first started thinking about doing TTM autograph requests back in February, two people came to mind immediately that I wanted to send requests to. Those were John Wooden and Vin Scully.

I sent both requests in February and received back my signed card from Mr. Wooden less than a week after I had sent the request. I was so happy to get that back. A short time after I received it he came down with pneumonia and his family asked that the autograph requests stop.

I'm so thrilled to get this request back from Mr. Scully. I sent it way before the season started but was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get it back. He signed my 8x10 photo beautifu
lly in blue sharpie.

Listening to Mr. Scully announce a Dodgers game is as close to perfection as you're going to get. He knows everything about every player that takes the field and always has a story to tell. His style was developed on radio where you have to paint a picture for the listener. He never changed that when he started doing games on TV. I have the MLB Extra Innings package and I always turn over to Dodgers games to listen to him do at least an inning. There's nothing quite like it.


  1. Vin Scully is legendary. He represents the Dodgers as much as anyone. There's a new book out filled with stories told by Hall-of-Famers, former Dodgers, friends and fans.

    It called "I Saw It On the Radio"

    The cover photo of the book is the same picture as above!

  2. I bought the book at Ralphs market---It is a great read---Vin is the greatest

  3. what is vin scully's address?????????


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